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PicShow V1.31

23-Sep-2017 picshow.lha 1139 KB

If PicShow immediately crashes on AmigaOS 4.0, make sure you don't have installed the WarpOS version of jpeg.library ! There is a native version available on OS4Depot.


  • 05-Dec-2010 (Version 31.457)
    • added workaround for MorphOS 2.6 sending IDCMP_NEWSIZE after MoveWindow()
  • 01-Feb-2009 (Version 31.438)
    • added context-sensitive mouse pointers
    • added window to enter coordinates for selected area
    • selected area can be moved without changing its size
  • 18-Feb-2007 (Version 31.403)
    • fixed crash when picshow was started on its own screen without file requester
  • 16-Feb-2007 (Version 31.396)
    • fixed some bugs with frame and window size
    • added option to set background picture (overrides background color)
    • updated french language files
  • 07-Jan-2007 (Version 31.371)
    • Added function to correct skewed pictures
    • fixed buffer overflow when loading/saving defaults
  • 02-Jan-2007 (Version 31.343)
    • Fixed crash when navigation skin does not have an icon.
    • Added new parameter SKINBUTTONS to specify the buttons which are contained in the skin picture if the file does not have an icon.
    • Updated spanish language files
  • 28-Dec-2006 (Version 31.334)
    • AmigaOS 4 version fixed to run with the new memory system of Upd. 5
    • Printing no longer freezes at the end of the page (called AbortIO although I/O was already done)
    • Aborting a print job no longer freezes PicShow until printer.device has finished it's work
    • Uses TurboPrint now if installed (no longer prints just a big black square on OS4)
  • 26-Jan-2006 (Version 31.307)
    • Starter program corrected to work on AmigaOS 4 Upd. 4
    • Added mouse wheel support for AmigaOS 4 Upd. 4
  • 14-Jan-2006 (Version 31.301)
    • Bug fixed: screen was not entirely filled when using some blend effects
  • 28-Dec-2005 (Version 31.296)
    • well, final final beta of version 1.31 :-)
    • WBPAttern defaults are not changed when saving picture as wallpaper
  • 23-Jul-2005 (Version 31.295)
    • final beta of version 1.31
    • fixed crash if an animation has more than 32 frames
    • fixed compatibility problem with Cybergraphics
    • fixed crash if saved default screen mode is not available (e.g. on OS4pre3)
    • removed stack handling on PowerUp/WarpOS versions
    • updated documentation
  • 05-Feb-2005 (Version 31.263)
    • added fade and cross-fade effects for slide show
  • 29-Oct-2004 (Version 31.214)
    • bug fixed: duplicate key definition when used without picshow.keys file
    • bug fixed: file requester moved behind picshow window when saving picture
    • slightly improved sort order in help window (still working on it)
  • 10-Sep-2004 (Version 31.212)
    • new function to rotate any angle (key 6)
    • some bugs in the MorphOS version (running shell commands didn't work correctly)
    • a PNG icon for PicShow (thanks to PixelArt)
  • 11-Jul-2004 (Version 31.95)
    • tried to fix some issues with rotating/flipping and the color dialogue
    • taken many key definitions from picshow.keys into the default configuration
  • 27-Jun-2004 (Version 31.90)
    • jpeg.library support for AmigaOS 4 version fixed
      Note: you need the stub library in order to use the 68k version of jpeg.library on AmigaOS 4.
  • 26-Jun-2004 (Version 31.88)
    • bug fixed: enforcer hit when preload set to zero
    • bug fixed: wrong page size in iff pictures
    • bug fixed: info text missing on Morphos
    • improved behaviour in low-memory conditions
  • 20-Jun-2004 (Version 31.69)
    • AmigaOS4 native version
    • new version numbering: version 1.31 now shows as 31.x
    • interpolation does no longer block the whole computer on Picasso96 (needs more memory)
    • option menu divided into two menus
    • placement of animation frames fixed
  • 03-Apr-2004
    • last beta version of 1.30
  • 08-Feb-2004
    • added beta count to version number
    • menu bugs fixed
    • bug fixed: clipboard could be used only once
    • bug fixed: non-proportional scaling with interpolation was broken
  • 02-Feb-2004
    • added multiselect support in file requesters
    • added option to hide icons in file requesters
  • 18-Jan-2004
    • added option to automatically quit picshow after all pictures have been shown in a slide show
  • 17-Jan-2004
    • improved interpolation algorithm (better + faster now)
    • added option to use bicubic interpolation
  • 30-Dec-2003
    • localised user menu
    • some more placeholders for the shell command
  • 29-Dec-2003
    • additional option to fix PicShow's window size
    • background color can be picked from the currently displayed picture
    • finally they are here: user commands and the user menu !
  • 23-Dec-2003
    • new options to limit PicShow's window size
  • 22-Nov-2003
    • accepts a text file with a list of file names
    • new function to center the picture on a page, with configurable page size
    • updated polish catalog file
  • 01-Nov-2003
    • cut&paste selection can be changed
    • added CROP and AUTOCROP
  • 22-Oct-2003
    • added option to read picture list from file
    • added MorphOS version
    • fixed some bugs
  • 21-Sep-2003
    • new feature: stub program which automatically starts the correct processor version
  • 31-Aug-2003
    • bug fixed: sort by path was missing
    • new feature: new options in the "change size" dialogue
  • 23-Aug-2003
    • bug fixed: "Open screen" menu was not checked on startup
    • new feature: picture list can be sorted in different orders
    • new feature: stack is adjusted automatically
  • 04-Aug-2003
    • bug fixed: slideshow now waits until all files are read from the directory, unless shuffle is on
  • 01-Aug-2003
    • bug fixed: garbage characters when moving mouse pointer over empty picture list
    • bug fixed: prevent mark outside picture
    • new feature: color changes only affect marked area
    • bug fixed: animate parameter did not work (animation could not be switched off)
Requested features:
  • file options (e.g. jpeg quality) in save requester
  • improved toolbar skin handling and skin editor
  • set default tool of all picture def_icons to PicShow during installation
  • keep flip / rotation options for all pictures
Reported bugs:
  • crashes and garbage characters in picture list on PPC version
    cannot reproduce it; probably fixed.
  • erroneous message "No picture in this directory" after deleting a file; wrong name removed from list when deleting file
  • prefs button does not show in navigation panel
    solution: works as designed. PREFS command never had a function and was removed.
  • garbage characters in picture list when no sort order was choosen
  • keyboard shortcuts overwrite menu entries
  • menus show hex codes as shortcuts
  • if an animation contains frames of different sizes the PicShow window is resized instead of just updating the changed areas
  • enforcer hit (protection exception on WarpOS) when preload is set to 0
  • jpeg.library support is missing in AmigaOS 4 version
  • garbage picture after rotate/flip/swap colors
  • file requester hidden behind the PicShow window
  • jpeg.library crashes on OS4
    don't install WarpOS version of jpeg.lib. 68020 version works fine.
  • printing hangs after first page
  • garbage copied to top and bottom of screen when using blend effects on large screen (1280x1024 and bigger)
  • stub program crashes on OS4 upd. 4
  • PicShow crashes on OS4 final
  • Background picture does not work with "FADE" effect
Last update: 16-Feb-2007

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