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Simple dock bar for WB 1.3

  • now supports start menu-like sub docks

Download Version 1.27

Update 30-Dec-2022:

  • Added option to hide text labels

Update 05-Oct-2021:

  • wbdock can now load custom images for icons. Supports icon and IFF ILBM files. Does not do color remapping.

Update 01-Jun-2020:

  • added WBStartup feature: run all programs from a directory or listed in a text file at startup

WBDock 2

Extended version for WB 3.1 and above

  • fully configurable
  • various styles
  • supports external dock apps

Download Version 2.907

Update 25-Jul-2023:

  • added automatic background refresh when WBPattern prefs changes

Update 16-Jul-2023:

  • the background config of the AmiDock style changed:
    • if you specify a non-existent file, the background will be filled with the workbench background color
    • only if you leave both drawer and file name empty, the background will be pseudo-transparent
    • you can now enter #rrggbb as a file name to choose a specific background color as hexadecimal red/green/blue value

Update 09-Jul-2023:

  • in autohide mode the dock does no longer appears if a previously started program ends.
  • fixed two typos in translation.
  • added a simple separator app (experimental, only works properly in AmiDock style yet)

Update 17-Jun-2023:

  • fixed DOpus5 LaunchWB call with arguments
  • turned autohide option into a number rather than a switch. The number defines the movement speed.

Update 01-Jun-2023:

  • autohide moves the dock above all other windows
  • the dock only appears if the mouse is on the right screen
  • the pens used to draw the frame around the dock are taken from the Palette prefs (bright edges, dark edges)

Update 31-May-2023:

  • a new dock style: LCARS
  • can automatically hide the dock when the mouse pointer is not over the window
  • the AmiDock style can now hide the icons and only show text

Update 12-Jun-2022:

  • added special support for project icons with a default tool of Mount (for example from Devs/DosDrivers or Storage/DosDrivers): if the drive is already mounted, the context menu gets new items Unmount and Eject. If you run it again, it will eject the drive rather than issue an "already mounted" error message.
  • added a new special position value which positions a dock relative to another dock. Using this you can implement sub-docks by adding wbdock config files to the dock.
  • allows to change the icon label.
  • supports multi-picture files using OS 3.9's PDTA_WhichPicture attribute.

Update 27-Aug-2021:

  • the MagicWB style can now have skinned edges
  • fixed starting project icons on WB V44+ with DOpus5 as WB replacement
  • preview of the dock app SDK included (unfinished)

Update 10-May-2021:

  • removed static ChipRAM allocation

Update 29-Jan-2021:

  • added option to remove frame around dock brush in MagicWB style

Update 17-Jan-2021:

  • added SMARTREFRESH tooltype

To use a true skin for the funny style rather than a tiled pattern you need all these prereqisites:

  • true color screen mode (15 bits per pixel or more)
  • texture file with transparency (transparent color, mask plane or alpha channel)
  • pngalpha.library when using a PNG file as texture
  • width of texture must be divisibly by 3
  • platter height set to "use texture height"

The size of the icons for the funny style can be set by tooltypes FUNNYICONW, FUNNYICONH only.

Similarly the growth of the active icon in percent can be set by tooltype FUNNYGROWTH. Default is 100.

Letzte Änderung / Last Update: 25-Jul-2023